Luxury Glamping Tent What Kind of Practical Furniture is Placed

March 22,2021

Glamping tents have many inconvenient factors, such as heat insulation, sound insulation, moisture resistance, etc., so they often cause poor sleep quality. Although many people yearn for the feeling of being close to nature in outdoor accommodation, but because of the problem of accommodation conditions, Did not take the first step. In fact, you do not need to have so many scruples when staying outdoors. Staying in luxury glamping tent can avoid many of the problems that are often encountered in outdoor camping. Hotel glamping has excellent characteristics such as windproof, waterproof, UV protection, and heat insulation, and the internal space is large, so Various functional furniture equipment can be placed in the luxury glamping tent. What kind of furniture can be equipped with glamping tent?

The interior space of the luxury glamping tent is large. The area of ​​the tent usually used for outdoor accommodation is about 20-80 square meters, which is equivalent to the size of the hotel room to the apartment suite, so all kinds of furniture can be placed inside the glamping tent. The furniture usually configured will include a comfortable large bed, or two single beds, as well as common furniture such as clothes racks, bedside tables, tables and chairs. In addition, the interior of outdoor eco cabins of more than 30 square meters is more open, and independent bathrooms can be set up without being crowded. In the glamping tent customized service provided by Yuxingye Luxury, it can provide customers with partition walls to separate the different functional spaces of the bedroom and bathroom. In addition to all kinds of furniture and bathroom, the glamping tent can be connected to water and electricity, creating an accommodation space that a simple tent cannot provide. Therefore, the glamping tent can also be equipped with air conditioning, floor heating, heaters, exhaust fans and other temperature control equipment.

If the tent hotel is located in a cold area, then the camping tent can be added with thermal insulation materials to effectively stabilize the temperature in the tent hotel. The temperature control device can keep the tent at a comfortable temperature.

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