Living in a Transparent Dome Tent Hotel, Will You be Afraid of Insecurity?

October 30,2020

The so-called transparency geodesic dome tent, many residents will worry about whether it will become insecure, any privacy will be exposed, whether the occupancy situation will become unsatisfactory, and the appearance of the transparent spherical tent hotel is romantic. In the actual check-in, the main safety is still raised to a high point, and it also allows the residents to enjoy a 360° panoramic view during the check-in, which realizes the comfortable feeling of enjoying the scenery outside without blind spots, and also reflects the romance without losing An elegant  and  luxury transparent dome tent hotel.

Therefore, this kind of glamping dome tent hotel in a wild luxury place is not a downtown area, but a quiet place, and its safety is very guaranteed. Can enjoy multiple forms of experience and multiple forms of habitat. During the day, residents can rest, enjoy the scenery and enjoy the sun in the tent hotel. Look at the blue sky and white clouds. At night, you can lie down in a tent hotel and watch the stars, and you will feel more romantic when you see the stars in the sky. In addition, the transparent spherical 360° and the scenery at a distant point can be enjoyed.

If we can put safety on the quality and construction technology of transparent dome tent hotels, it is worth your peace of mind to ensure that our BDIR tent hotel manufacturer, especially we use galvanized steel pipe combined with 850 gsm waterproof coating PVC tarpaulin. It can help to resist various disasters, such as anti-ultraviolet, anti-snow load, wind-proof, rain-proof, anti-aging features, stable and safe performance. No matter in any climate, it can guarantee to provide residents with a comfortable and safe rest experience. Well, the transparent dome tent hotel has always been a very popular camping accommodation today.

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