Installation Method of Geodesic Tent

January 08,2021

The geodesic dome tents of BDiR adopt a football structure with a diameter of less than 6 meters. (Take 6 meters in diameter as an example today to talk about the installation method of this kind of  outdoor geodesic dome tent with football structure);

Matters needing attention before installation of Geodesic tent:
1. First, ensure that the ground is level (if the foundation is not level, you can adjust the height with the help of the base);
2. Determine the specific location and direction of the door;
3. Count the number of pipe fittings according to the parts list and classify them by name to avoid wasting time in finding corresponding pipes during installation;
4. Prepare the necessary tools (herringbone ladders, wrenches, screws, etc.) in advance;
5. Workers should be coordinated in groups, preferably in groups of three (one to deliver materials, one to hold the pipe, and one to fix the screws);
6. Assemble the spherical tent structure materials, and then fix the glass door (if there is no optional glass door, ignore this step);

1. The first step is to determine the direction of the door, and install the first layer and door bars according to the structural diagram.

2. Install the second and third floors according to the structure diagram。

3. Assemble the remaining rods in order according to the structural diagram until the top is closed.

4. the top cloth (note that the tarp door is aligned with the door of the tent frame)

5. Fix the tarp (fix the corn holes around the tarp on the rods of the first layer, as shown in the figure)

6. Arrange the tarp around (arrange the tie to tighten the tarp), and fix the ground with the top blast screw.

7. Organize windows and door curtains, and cut off the excess part of the tarp fixing strap.

Because of its beautiful appearance and quick construction, geodesic dome tents are more effective in resisting wind, rain and snow when used outdoors, so they are more and more used in various large-scale exhibitions, celebrations, dome theaters, and light shows. Scenic area consultation, reception, expansion, conference, accommodation and other purposes.




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