In the 2020 Music Festival, Let Transparent Frame House Come into Our Lives

September 03,2020

The annual music festival has a lot of fun, enough for young people to experience this gluttonous feast of hearing and vision. Come to the music festival camp, everyone can experience warm-hearted tent camping, with a vast original ecological camping site, the camp will provide a super large space dome tent, the floor, tables, chairs, beds, decorations in the shed are all wooden styles, karaoke , WIFI, catering, charging, shower, anti-mosquito measures, medicine, etc.

Under the bright starry sky, living in colorful dome home construction , counting the stars in the sky, listening to sound music, playing tricks of entertainment, drinking and eating barbecue... Such a joyous carnival feast is coming to you!

Of course, the most igniting young people’s enthusiasm is the music festival atmosphere here, from unique indie music to passionate metal punk, from quiet and peaceful folk singing, to full-fledged British rock and uninterrupted music bombing, The variety of performances, colorful lighting, and avant-garde stage will surely make you intoxicated.

How can such a hilarious place lack special food? Family and friends set up a bonfire outside the large geodesic domes tent, drink freely, eat barbecue, and enjoy a rare barbecue party.

Music festival, this annual event will satisfy all your fantasies about carnival. Bring your family and friends to the festival to participate in a passionate  camp carnival!

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