During The Travel Holiday, We Choose The Advantages of The Geodesic Dome Tent

December 28,2020

Geodesic dome tent, as a new type of glamping cabins, is gradually integrated into everyone's lives and is widely used by people. BDiR Team produces glamping domes for consumers, and has been supported and recognized by consumers.

Viewed from the outside of the design. Tent structures uses a triangular grid design structure with high-strength pipes to shape the sturdy main body of the tent, which is safe and reliable so that users do not have to worry about safety issues such as collapse. The hollow and unstructured design of the dome reduces the feeling of redundancy and clutter, while being simple and generous, it also increases the space utilization rate inside the tent. The spherical appearance is perfect and beautiful, reduces wind resistance, can resist strong typhoons, and provides additional security.

Look at glamping tent in terms of performance. The glamping dome is easy to disassemble, and the installation can enjoy a large space. After disassembly, it occupies a small space and is convenient for transportation and placement without consuming too much manpower and material resources. In addition to the windproof function, the tent is equipped with fireproof, waterproof and UV protection, which is not restricted by harsh natural conditions and enhances the ability to resist risks. The glamping tent can also print a logo on the appearance of the tarpaulin, and customize different styles of tarpaulin according to the needs of the merchants to meet the needs of the event venue while promoting the brand.

From the perspective of application sites, eco tents have the characteristics of multiple fields and multiple uses, which can widely meet the needs of consumers. A variety of diameters can be selected, which is an important choice for theme restaurants, outdoor activities, venue activities, bars, hotels, event promotion and other places

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