Beautiful And Comfortable Luxury Glamping Tent, How Much Does It Cost To Build A Tent?

January 11,2021

Luxury glamping tents have become more and more popular among travel enthusiasts in the past two years. You can live closer to nature, just like living in your own home, warm and comfortable. You don’t need to build a stretch tent or just build a stretch tent. Rental cars are driven into the mountainous area, and the styles and types of glamping tents are now diversified. Investors and builders can plan several accommodation units with different themes and styles in the same scenic area project for tourists to meet their preferences and accommodation standards To choose the right type.

So how much does it cost to build an eco tent?

Affected by the following factors, there are many options for the price, you will understand after reading it!

1. Different styles: our BDiR team produces and sells hemispherical starry sky tents, ellipsoidal starry sky tents, shell tents, tensile membrane structure quadrilateral or hexagonal tents, hot-air balloon duplex tents, single-peak peaked wild luxury tents, etc.

2. Different sizes: For example, shell tents have mini type (one bedroom, one bathroom), standard type (one bedroom, one living room, one bathroom), and light luxury type (one bedroom, one living room, one bathroom ocean view room); the tensile membrane structure has a quadrilateral , Hexagon, etc.;

3. Different materials: For example, the frame of the hemispherical starry sky tent is made of galvanized round steel pipe, the frame of the shell canopy is made of high-strength aluminum alloy profiles, and the frame of the tensile steel structure is made of galvanized square pipes, etc.

4. Different soft decoration configurations: such as jacquard insulation, partition walls, glass doors, ventilation windows, indoor wooden floors, steel and wood platforms, etc. You can freely choose and buy different soft decoration parts.

5. Different project site environments: each project is unique, for example, some are built on mountainous or sloped land, with large height differences, requiring manual handling of materials and steel structure platforms with large height differences; some are on flat grasslands, high and low The drop does not exceed 50cm and so on.

Based on the above 5 points, we believe that you have already understood the factors that need to be considered when building a glamping tent. This will help you choose different project sites and purchase different styles of glamping tents. The price of glamping tent ranges from RMB 30,000 to RMB 100,000 per set. If you want to know more detailed information, please call: Phone: +86 18998941068, Email: [email protected]

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