Amusement Park Membrane Structure Building

August 18,2021

Why are there so many membrane structure buildings in amusement parks

Application of membrane structure in amusement park

Key points of amusement park construction:
1. Highly humane, fully consider the needs of tourists
2. The combination of ecological environment and garden art
3. Adjust measures to local conditions and attach importance to ecological and environmental protection
4. Focus on characteristics and strengthen characteristics
5. Diversity and variability

The advantages of membrane structure building in amusement park projects:

1: The construction speed is fast and the cost is low. For example, the same is to make a rest pavilion. It may take a month to use a traditional structure, while the membrane structure rest shed only needs 1 to 2 weeks.

2: Diversity of the structure, the membrane structure can be made into various shapes, and the landscape architecture of the amusement park must have personality to attract tourists.

3: Easy to disassemble, move and replace performance. The big difference between the amusement park building and other project buildings is that the amusement park needs to be remodeled or adjusted regularly or irregularly so that visitors can play repeatedly. Membrane structure can meet this point. For example, it is also a rest pavilion. Change the color or shape. You only need to add or reduce the local steel structure rods and change a membrane. The traditional structure cannot be achieved. .

4: Safety, even in the most unfavourable situation, the membrane material will fall, it will not hurt people. It will not burn even if it catches fire.

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