4 Kinds of Commercial Street Membrane Structure Applications and Characteristics

July 26,2021

The first form: the dome of the tensile membrane structure of the commercial street

Introduction: If you go to a large shopping mall, you may notice that translucent or transparent building materials are used on the top of the corridor or hall. This design not only meets the shopping mall’s requirements for natural lighting, but also makes the entire mall look more It is bright, and it can greatly save the running time of lighting facilities during the day and reduce energy consumption. In the past, when the membrane structure was not applied on a large scale, this effect was achieved by using materials such as sunlight panels or tempered glass. These materials have obvious shortcomings. For example, the aging speed of the solar panel will be greatly accelerated by direct sunlight. The heavy weight of the toughened glass requires high requirements for the supporting structure, and the safety is a difficult point, but the emergence of the membrane structure solves the problem of traditional materials Various drawbacks, PTFE and ETFE membrane materials can not only achieve light transmittance, but also have light weight and higher safety. In particular, ETFE's high self-cleaning and high light transmittance characteristics have become the first choice for domes in large commercial blocks.

Commercial street membrane structure dome canopy features: good light transmittance, light material, suitable for large spans, can perfectly replace traditional dome materials, and have a longer service life, better self-cleaning, and higher safety.

The second form: Commercial street membrane structure sunshade

Introduction: Parasols are generally the standard configuration of open-air pedestrian shopping streets. They come in many forms and materials. We often see movable push-pull and foldable parasols. Their materials are generally made of traditional fabrics. Or polyester composition, aging resistance, poor self-cleaning performance, suitable for temporary sheltering, usually used for external table and chair sunshading in cafes and other street shops, for some permanent fixed public seat sunshade facilities, the first choice is membrane structure umbrellas The structural form is to make the foundation embedded parts first, then erect the steel structure, and then stretch and cover the film material on the steel structure. Its various forms and colors are optional, which are not only practical, but also have a strong landscape value.

Features: anti-ultraviolet, anti-aging, long service life, rich and beautiful appearance, and good self-cleaning.

The third form: commercial street membrane structure landscape sketch

Introduction: Different from traditional landscape architecture, membrane structure landscape relies on the combination of high-strength flexible membrane material and rigid tension system to form a spatial structure with a strong landscape shape. With lighting at night, it will present an unparalleled dream effect. It gives people a refreshing feeling, so compared with ordinary landscape architectural structures, it can provide people with a good visual experience and sensory experience.

Features: Unique style, strong artistry, and strong modern flavor.

The fourth form: commercial street membrane structure corridor

Introduction: In many places, there are requirements for shading and rain in places such as corridors. It is indispensable to provide a canopy awning for the public to provide shelter from the wind and rain. Traditional building materials such as sun panels and fiberglass cannot satisfy people’s growing demand for shapes. The higher the requirements, the membrane structure corridor has huge advantages, and the membrane structure can ensure the perfect combination of the overall aesthetics and practicality of the corridor. Therefore, more and more projects of this kind begin to adopt membrane structure.

Features: strong modeling ability, good light transmittance, good self-cleaning, long life.

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