• Moderne en Luxe Canvas Yurttent en Glampinghut
  • Moderne en Luxe Canvas Yurttent en Glampinghut
  • Moderne en Luxe Canvas Yurttent en Glampinghut
  • Moderne en Luxe Canvas Yurttent en Glampinghut
  • Moderne en Luxe Canvas Yurttent en Glampinghut
  • Moderne en Luxe Canvas Yurttent en Glampinghut
  • Moderne en Luxe Canvas Yurttent en Glampinghut
  • Moderne en Luxe Canvas Yurttent en Glampinghut

Moderne en Luxe Canvas Yurttent en Glampinghut

  • Indoor Area 64 square meters
    Tent Area 96 square meters
    Deck Area 125 square meters
    Steel Frame Q235 Steel 
    External Roof 1100GSM PVDF Fabric
    Internal Ceiling 650GSM PVC Canvas
    Wall Material Glass Wall or Canvas Wall
    Indoor Flooring WPC Floor or SPC Floor
    Fire Rating DIN4102 B1/SGS M2
    Wind Loading Rating 120KM/H
    Quality Assurance ISO9001, MSDS, CE, BV, TUV, SGS
Moderne en Luxe Canvas Yurttent en Glampinghut


Our hexagonal 2 tops Safair tent has a larger space, it has complete internal supporting facilities, reflecting the warmth and comfort of "home". The 2 tops safari tent hotel combines modern architecture with nature perfectly to meet various application needs. As a new type of temporary or permanent movable construction, the double peaks tent has the characteristics of convenient transportation, simple installation and convenient disassembly, etc.


The hexagonal double peaks tent hotel has a side length of 3.5m and an indoor area of 64 square meters, which can be used as a family suite with one bedroom and one living room. The main frame of tent house adopts steel structure, two layers of thermal insulation and sealing PVDF top membrane, eco-friendly canvas wall or 360 degree panoramic floor-to-ceiling glass window. Our tent suite combines steel structure and aluminum alloy profiles, it’s sturdy and durable, which has strong wind load and snow load resistance and has long service life!



    • Q235 Steel Frame to fit onto customer’s Concrete foundation structure
    • 650GSM PVC & 1100GSM PVDF Double Roof
    • 360 Views Glass Wall & Body
    • Inner Ceiling
    • Curtains
    • Square Tubing, Body Poles and Cable straps



    • Wooden or Glass or Aluminium Doors
    • Canvas Tent Body - 650 GSM waterproof & wearable Canvas
    • PHDF Shade Net Roof
    • WPC Deck
    • Wooden Floor
    • Insulation

    Deck design:

    • Our tent needs a wooden deck, or a concrete base. The tent needs to be fixed on a solid base, which is easy to achieve. Our deck uses Q235 steel frame structure to connect with the ground foundation, the light steel keels are added to the steel framework, with interval spaces of 40cm, and then covered with a 25mm thick wood-plastic floor.


    Tent main frame:

    • We provide Q235 steel framework, hot dip galvanized steel, stainless steel. We recommend using hot-dip galvanized steel or stainless steel in any coastal climate where high erosion may occur. If you are in a climate with high humidity or rain forest, please use hot-dip galvanized steel or stainless steel. Whether to use hot dip galvanized steel or stainless steel, it’s according to your budget. Generally the main frame uses Q235 hot-dip galvanized steel with eco-friendly paint.


    Tent roof (3-4 layers roof):

    • We have a double layers of heat insulation, which can be used for tent roof. Usually we use 1100gsm PVDF fabric as outer roof and 650gsm as inner roof. We can also choose the most suitable fabric according to customer needs and budget, such as PVC, PVDF, PTFE, etc. Shading nets on the roof and interior curtains in the room are optional.  


    Tent wall (4 options):

    • Our most commonly used walls are tempered glass, PVC canvas, Sandwich panel and ecological plastic wood wall (double layer). In the corresponding place, we can install aluminum alloy windows


    Floor design (we have three options, or customers can buy it themselves):

    • PVC floors tend to make tents seems cheap and easy to have abrasion. Usually our indoor floors have options as: composite floor-SPC stone plastic floor-BPC bamboo fiber floor. You can make the choice among them, or use other flooring that you like, such as solid wood flooring, ceramic tiles, etc.


    How to solve the cold protection problem?

    • Our glamping tents are doing very well in winter. In order to obtain the best experience in cold climate, we recommend applying 8-12mm insulation material and a complete wood-burning stove (chimney kit) or air conditioner to keep it warm.


    How to solve the heat problem?

    • In default, the white color of outer membrane helps reflect sunlight, the inner membrane and insulation liners can also prevent heat penetrating into the tent. The combination of heat insulation and solar fan (heat exhaust) is an effective way to keep the dome cool even in hot climates. If your dome tent is exposed to direct sunlight throughout the day, you may consider adding a separate air conditioning unit. The use of refrigeration  equipment such as small air conditioners and electric fans in combination with thermal insulation materials can provide thermal comfort in hot climates.

    Where can you put the tents? 

    • we can customize the tents to handle any environment - 100% Waterproof, Extreme Cold, Against strong wind & earthquake etc. No matter where the tent, hotel, resort or camp will be located - desert & rock, mountains & forest, tropics & beaches, grassy plain, ice field or dense rainforest - we will ensure it is built to last.


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