• Tensile Structure for Spectator Grandstands & Auditorium - Xiamen Jimei Primary School
  • Tensile Structure for Spectator Grandstands & Auditorium - Xiamen Jimei Primary School
  • Tensile Structure for Spectator Grandstands & Auditorium - Xiamen Jimei Primary School
  • Tensile Structure for Spectator Grandstands & Auditorium - Xiamen Jimei Primary School

Tensile Structure for Spectator Grandstands & Auditorium - Xiamen Jimei Primary School


     Date Completed  September, 2017
     Location  Xiamen,  China
     Project Area  900 square meters
     Membrane Material  PVDF
     Fabric Color  White
     Shape  Arc
     Structure  Q235 Steel, Hot Dip Galvanized
     Warranty  20 Years
     Delivery Time  About 30 Days after confirm deposit
     Payment  T/T, LC
     Brand  BDiR
     Place of Origin  Shenzhen, China


Tensile Structure for Spectator Grandstands & Auditorium - Xiamen Jimei Primary School


Jimei primary school is one of the largest primary school in Xiamen. It has a history of more than 100 years. The school covers an area of 20, 000 square meters and a construction area of 9000 square meters. With tree-lined and quiet, it is an ideal School and paradise for children.
In September 2017, BDiR successfully signed a contract for the Xiamen Jimei Primary School Stadium grandstand and Walkway. With a total area for more than 900 square meters, it adopts imported PVDF membrane and has a unique shape.
Under the unremitting efforts of BDiR technicians and the full guidance of the on-site project manager, the project was completed on schedule on the premise of ensuring safety and quality, which providing students with beautiful wind and rain shelters!
Now, even in bad weather, physical education classes and extracurricular activities can be continued as planned. in the summer, due to the UV protection provided by PVDF, students can be provided with a healthier environment.


    • √. Large Span: Tensile Structures can create an expansive covered area, exceed to 200m.

    • √. Unique Design: Tensile fabric Structure gives architects, designers, and engineers the opportunity to experiment with form and create visually exciting and iconic structures.

    • √. Various Shape: Changeful supporting structure can make lots of different shapes of tensioned structure with flexible membrane.

    • √. Cost-effective: About 1/3 to 1/2 lower than conventional structures on costs.

    • √. Easy to Install: Faster and more cost-effective in comparison to traditional construction projects.

    • √. Weatherproof: Durable and designed to withstand even the most severe weather conditions. Provide protection from both the rain and sun.

    • √. Excellent Durability: Fabric tensile Structure is characterized by durability and longevity, can be built in different areas around the world, from the frigid arctic pole to the scorching desert heat.

    • √. ECO Friendly: Have high sun reflectivity and low solar absorption. As a result, less energy is used in the building, ultimately reducing the cost of electricity.

    • √. Low maintenance Needs: Tensile membrane Structures require minimal maintenance for clients, whether use of PVC, PVDF, PTFE or ETFE. 

    • √. Outstanding Natural Daylighting: Membrane is translucent, In daylight, tension structures could offer rich soft diffused naturally daylight space, and at night, artificial lighting can make it bright and colorful.


Design & Model


       Step 1: Design

       BDiR use the latest tensile structural design software to produce
       detailed tensile structural designs.

       BIM model design (building information modeling), 
       finding and load analysis,  integrated building design,
       joint force analysis, membrane cutting analysis,
       construction process simulation, numerical wind tunnel simulation.
    Step 2: Membrane Fabrication

    Membrane fabrication plays an important role in the tensile structure.

    There are many fabrics (PVC, PVDF, PTFE, ETFE) in the market, they come from all over the world, they have different characteristics and prices, different welding or joining techniques. We will make the best choices from structural design, project location and our customer budget.
      Step 3. Steel Fabrication

      Tensile structure are made of steel structural members that are welded
      and painted in our factory.

      We will conduct the following procedures with high standards:
      Paint thickness detection, ultrasonic testing,
      magnetic particle testing,
    high-strength bolt torque testing,
      cable pre-tensioning, rust removal ,

      pre-assembly inspection, painting, etc.
    Step 4: Cable Fabrication

    Cable and hardware fittings are procured from the most reliable and certified vendors of the industry in compliance with the international quality standards.

    Cable fabrication are proceed under guidance of our skilled and experienced experts.
      Step 5: Installation

      The installation of the tension structure is critical to the overall success
      of the project.

      We will provide on site installation service. Our project manager will work
      with the client to coordinate the structure installation on site.  Including
      steel structure installation, membrane lifting and measure tension. If you
      prefer self-installation, we'll send you detailed instructions so it can be
      easily installed.

    Step 6: The Future

    Our service will not end at the time of delivery and installation!

    Because we only use the highest quality membrane materials and steel frames, cables and parts. You can rest assured that your new tensile structure is built to last. Besides, Tensile structure does not require much maintenance and we offer a up to 35 year warranty.



    Mrs. Shirley, School Director
    When BDiR completed the project, our children felt a surprise when they first saw it, and we were sincerely happy. Now children love to play on the court during their spare time, and it can provide good shelter for them. "