• Tensile Structures for Soil Remediation & Environmental Applications
  • Tensile Structures for Soil Remediation & Environmental Applications
  • Tensile Structures for Soil Remediation & Environmental Applications
  • Tensile Structures for Soil Remediation & Environmental Applications
  • Tensile Structures for Soil Remediation & Environmental Applications
  • Tensile Structures for Soil Remediation & Environmental Applications

Tensile Structures for Soil Remediation & Environmental Applications

     Membrane Material  PVC / PVDF / PTFE / ETFE
     Material Brand  Ferrari, Heytex, Duraskin, SATTLER, Mehler, Sioen, etc.
     Fabric Color  White or Customized
     Shape  Customized (Arc, Barrel Vault, Hypar, Cone, Dome, Umbrella, etc.)
     Structure  Q235 steel, Hot Dip Galvanized
     Size  Customized
     Warranty Time  10-35 years
     Transport Package  Standard Export Sea-Worthy Packing
     Delivery Time  About 30 Days after confirm deposit
     Certification  ISO9001, MSDS, CE, BV, TUV, SGS
     Place of Origin  Shenzhen, China

Tensile Structures for Soil Remediation & Environmental Applications


The problem of soil pollution is the sequel of economic barbaric development. It is reported that the area of heavy metal pollution in the whole land has exceeded 100 million acres. This is a terrible data that has attracted the attention of all countries. A number of environmental protection policies have been introduced. 
Soil remediation requires sealing the soil that needs to be repaired to avoid the release of toxic gases into the air during the repair process, resulting in secondary pollution. At the same time, it also avoids rain and other water and groundwater pollution. After many comparisons and practices, it was found that the inflatable membrane structure is especially suitable for soil restoration and garbage disposal. 
Lightweight roofing structure is a more efficient large-span green building solution that has been used in many fields such as industry, sports, environmental protection and military. In particular, there is a broader space for development in soil remediation projects. 
Soil Remediation Tensile Textile Architecture Advantages: 
1. Construction speed is fast and cost is low. The air-filled membrane is simple to construct and it does not require large mechanical lifting. The industrial canopy can be completed in about 10 days on site, and the cost is only 1/3-1/2 of the traditional building. 
2. Large span, easy for vehicles to enter and exit. The air-filled film is supported by air, and there is no beam and no column in between, which is convenient for forklifts and large trucks to enter and exit. 
3. Good sealing. The fabric shelters of the inflatable membrane is in the form of a fully enclosed structure, supported by air, and is currently the most sealed building. Even the door and the door are sealed with excellent sealing, which keeps the sealing effect to the maximum and isolates the secondary pollution. 




    Tensile Structure Basic Performance Parameters:  

    • Material Thickness: usually 0.05mm-0.82mm
    • Weight (Gsm): 700 - 1100g per square meter
    • Gutter: Inbuilt Gutter System
    • Temperature: -40 to +70 (degree celsius)
    • Tensile Strength: 2500-4000N
    • Tear Strength: 520-580N
    • Fire rating: DIN4102 B1/SGS M2
    • Wind Load: 120 km/h


    Tensile Structure Features:

    • √. Personalized Customization - We have different types of tensile structures available in various sizes, shapes, and colors depending on areas as per client's requirement. 
    • √. Versatile - Tensile structure is the ideal solution for a wide range of applications.  Can be used in a variety of occasions around the world, including sports, transportation, business, landscape, industry, agriculture, hotels and more.
    • √. Aesthetical and unique designs - Take any shape and almost any size.
    • √. Coverage - Light weight,  Cover a large area with minimal disruptions, expanding outdoor living areas.
    • √. Outstanding Translucency - Provides natural lighting and reduce heat transmission.
    • √. High strength and intensity - Durable and long lasting nature, withstand the worst winds, the harshest sun and the wettest weather for very long life.
    • √. Easy to clean - Aggressive dirt can be cleaned with normal detergent soap and water.
    • √. Cost Effective -  Perfect weldability. Ease of fabrication. Easy to install. Ease of maintenance. 
    • √. Eco friendly - Recyclable and  Easy to move relocation or renovation.
    • √. Rich colors available -  Vibrant colors of membrane can create a landmark structure.


    Tensile Structure Function:  

    • √. All Weather protection, perfect UV resistance, Waterproof, Wind proof, Snow proof, Shake proof.  
    • √. Completely heat and water resistant. 
    • √. High abrasion resistance, Anti-aging, Anti-static, high light transmission.
    • √. Fireproof, Flame Resistant, Moisture proof, Smoke proof, Soundproof, Self-cleaning.


    Why choose BDiR Tensile Structure?

    • √. We are the leading manufacturers, exporters, suppliers and installers of all types of tensile structures. 
    • √. Our products are manufactured using high quality PVC / PVDF / PTFE / ETFE membranes and steels , strictly accordance with industry standards.
    • √. We offer a complete turn-key solution for all your tensile fabric structure needs. 
    • √. We offer a budget-friendly market price for all our clients.
    • √. We ensure that your project will be delivered and installed with excellent efficiency, on time and on budget.


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