• Modular Container Tent & Canvas Yurt for RV Resorts & Camp Sites
  • Modular Container Tent & Canvas Yurt for RV Resorts & Camp Sites
  • Modular Container Tent & Canvas Yurt for RV Resorts & Camp Sites
  • Modular Container Tent & Canvas Yurt for RV Resorts & Camp Sites
  • Modular Container Tent & Canvas Yurt for RV Resorts & Camp Sites
  • Modular Container Tent & Canvas Yurt for RV Resorts & Camp Sites
  • Modular Container Tent & Canvas Yurt for RV Resorts & Camp Sites
  • Modular Container Tent & Canvas Yurt for RV Resorts & Camp Sites

Modular Container Tent & Canvas Yurt for RV Resorts & Camp Sites

  •  Projects Name  The Honeycomb Farm
     Project Area  3500 square meters (17 tent Villas + 1 reception room + 1 restaurant bar)
     Date Completed  July, 2016
     Project's Address  ChengDu, China
     Structural Frame Material  Q235 Steel Tube & Pipe, Wood Deck
     Fabric Roof Material White, 650g/m2 PVC & 1050 g/mPVDF
     Wall Material  Glass Wall 
     Floor Material  Wooden Floor, Wood Deck
     Door & Window  Glass Windows and Doors with Voile curtain
     Warranty  15 years
     Brand  BDiR
     Delivery Time  Within 45 Days after confirm deposit
Modular Container Tent & Canvas Yurt for RV Resorts & Camp Sites


The honeycomb farm project is located north of the Forest Park, west of the volcano, and south of Park Road and Mingyue North Road. The total land area is about 200,000 square meters (301 acres). There are sunshine lawn, happy farm, vegetable and flower pavilion, honeycomb restaurant, color block farmland, tent hotel and other basic supporting facilities.


The honeycomb farm takes the honeycomb form as the theme, the idyllic landscape, the agricultural production activity and the characteristic agricultural products as the carrier, it’s implanted in farming culture, and focuses on the "urban leisure sightseeing agricultural theme park " to meet the leisure needs of citizens in the central city to return to nature.


According to the concept of "less hardening and more ecology", the honeycomb farm formed a large lawn of about 17 acres through the remediation of the plot environment, the supplement of green plants, the rational transformation, and increases of temporary sightseeing agricultural facilities. At the same time, according to the geographical conditions, it formed a lake surface with a water area of about 50 acres by renovating the existing lake surface and wetland. The fusion of water, mountains and plants together constitutes an ecological picture.


The honeycomb farm mainly includes happy farms-for citizens to rent vegetable fields, citizens can get access to actual agricultural production and feel special rural flavors by participating in agricultural production activities; Vegetable and Flower Pavilion-will introduce vegetables and green plants with ornamental value at home and abroad for citizens to watch, pick, experience; honeycomb restaurant-able to provide citizens with leisure and dining needs; colored block farmland-the area is about 70 acres, it divided blocks according to the honeycomb shape, planted each block with different flowers and vegetables according to seasonal changes; It intersperses 10 tent hotels according to the current situation of the water surface and mountain, providing citizens with modern and fashionable accommodations in original ecology.


Enjoy the garden and enjoy the farming interest, the honeycomb farm aims to create a city’s "back garden", which integrates ecological cuisine, leisure accommodation, fun fishing, farming experience and other formats, it is suit for parent-child entertainment, company annual meeting, wedding photography, friends gathering and other activities, it provides a good place for citizens and tourists to relax and play.


In recent years, tourism construction is being developed in various places, compared with traveling abroad to experience exotic tastes, more people who have lived in fast-paced cities choose to return to the suburbs to experience natures of forests, lakesides, birdsongs, and floral beauty.


In the face of the domestic holiday tourism boom, scenic campsites have also created various types of accommodation houses, in addition to traditional concrete steel structure hotels and simple camping tents, the characteristic tent hotel accommodation has also attracted a large number of tourist crowds. Next, we will take you to the tent hotel camp in Yichun, Jiangxi. 


Walking into the park, you can see the white shell shape houses built in the grass from a distance. The tent hotel is built by the lake and stands on the lakeside terrace, facing the natural mountain scenery. A gust of wind blows, you get away from the noisy and fast-paced city life, here is the natural oxygen bar to vent your pressure. You can stargaze at night, play the guitar, barbecue with friends, talk about life, it’s very comfortable.


The main body of the shell hotel is mainly European-style, with modern and simple, light luxurious decoration. Compared with the traditional simple camping tent which is inconvenient to wash, you don’t need to worry about that in the shell hotel. You can enjoy the hotel’s general star-level convenience, the hotel is equipped with a semi-open bathing area, people can soak in a warm hot bath after a day of play, hold a soft quilt, and sleep well all night .


The shell tent hotel uses hollow tempered glass for sound insulation, and its membrane material uses double-layer membrane material and thermal insulation cotton. Under the premise of sound insulation, it increases the comfort rate of internal thermal insulation. To a great extent, the outdoor tent hotel solves the problems of high construction cost and long construction period of concrete buildings, and also solves the problems of sound insulation, heat insulation and waterproofing of simple camping tents.


  • Fabric Membrane technology Specifications:

    Fabric Membrane Material: PVC/PVDF/PTFE/ETFE

    Fabric Tensile Strength:2500-4400N

    Fabric Tear Strength:520-580N

    Thickness: usually 0.18mm-0.82mm

    Lightweight: 900g~1050g per square meter

    Fire rating: DIN4102 B1/SGS M2

    Temperature Resistance:-30 degree Celsius~+70 degree Celsius


    Why choose the Eco Tented Lodges for this sustainable hospitality resort?

    1. Flexible and convenient, ecological and environmentally friendly

    In some terrains where permanent buildings are not easy to build, such as on hillsides, in jungles, in sea beach, in rivers and lakes. Because the hotel tents use modular assembly structure, it can be built easily and quickly in most natural environmentally sensitive areas. During the construction process, the surrounding natural environment is rarely excavated and destroyed, and it can be better integrated into the ecological environment.

    2. Rapid construction, safe and stable

    The hotel tents are made of modular steel-wood frame, which can be safely and stably used in different terrains. The tents can adapt to the temperature range of -30° to 70°, and can withstand 8-10km/h winds in the outdoor environment, carrying rain and snow. The eco lodges roof is made of ultra-light PVC, PVDF, PTFE and other materials, with good waterproof, UV-resistant, tear-resistant properties, as well as B1/M2 fire resistance. Most of the hotel tent Manufactured process is completed at the factory, which can reduce construction time.

    3. Artful, luxurious and comfortable

    The tent hotel uses the membrane structures as the roof. The membrane structures is based on styling and color science. Combining the natural environment, ethnic customs and human geography, according to the architect's creativity, the curve and shape that are difficult to achieve by traditional construction are built. The tent hotel with its beautiful and unique shape is full of fashion charm and blends with nature. The interior of tent is decorated with bedrooms, bathrooms, rest area and other areas. The tent cottages offers luxurious furniture, comfortable flooring, smart lighting and other facilities. You can experience the comfort of a five-star hotel in the wild.

    4. Durable life and low maintenance cost

    The tent lodge is constructed of high-strength aluminum alloy, stainless steel and carbon steel. It is matched with high-strength, fully waterproof PVC or PVDF fabric membrane to ensure product life and reduce maintenance intervals.


Design & Model


       Hotel tent installation 1 -- infrastructure and steel frane construction;

       √.Complete the construction of the hotel tent foundation project, 

       √.Install the main support structure of the roof of the tent house, 

       √.Complete the anti-rust and fire-proof spraying.

    Hotel tent installation 2 -- Installation the Roof of membrane structuretent tent, 

    √. Fabric film unwinding: 

    lay a temporary cushion to protect the membrane from contamination.

    √. Accessories fixation:

    Use the alloy splint to connect the cable to the fabric membrane.

    √.Hoisting in place: 

    Control the rising speed to ensure uniform transmission of the fabric.

    √.Tension forming: 

    It can adjust the prestress of the cable in batches to reach the planned value;
       Hotel tent installation 3 -- Interior Decoration

       √.Exterior wall installation, 

       √.Window and door installation,

       √.Tent interior area division;

    Hotel tent installation 4 -- Furniture installation

    √.Bathroom installation,

    √.Circuit installation;

    √.Furniture installation.