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October 10,2020

The destinations of the South Pacific islands are beautiful and have a unique tropical atmosphere. Many islands have become world-renowned resorts. The tourist facilities and service capabilities are also relatively complete, and they have various in-depth experience programs that have attracted many travelers. Go. Many tourists from all over the world choose these islands for their honeymoon or vacation.

Among the islands in the South Pacific, such as Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Fiji, Vanuatu, the Cook Islands, and Tonga, these relatively few beautiful island nations have always been famous resorts around the world. It is also a honeymoon and vacation choice for most celebrities, and it is also an ideal destination for completely emptying yourself.

Samoa is located in the southern Pacific Ocean and west of the Samoa Islands. It consists of two main islands, namely Sawai and Upolu, and seven small islands. The capital, Apia, is now a member of the Commonwealth. The traditional way of life and the village preserved hundreds of years ago make Samoa full of charm. The famous Scottish writer Stevenson called it "Southern Paradise." Samoans have a very leisurely life, and their economic development is relatively slow. It is easy to stroll, relax and have fun.

Papua New Guinea, referred to as Papua New Guinea, is an island country located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. Here is the most complete terrestrial ecological species in the South Pacific. It is a world of flora and fauna, and a paradise for coral reefs. The underwater landscape is unique. The water temperature in PNG is maintained at 26-27 degrees all year round. It is warm and comfortable. The seawater is crystal clear and transparent, and it has primitive coral reefs. It is rich in marine life and is one of the diving destinations most wanted by divers.

The Republic of Vanuatu is located in the South Pacific Islands between Hawaii and Australia and consists of more than 80 islands. It is rich in marine tourism resources, has beautiful beaches, and is also known as a "diving paradise". In addition, some traditional customs and celebrations of the island's residents are also unique tourism resources. Vanuatu has beautiful beaches, deep blue holes, lush rain forests, pouring waterfalls, and the only active volcano in the world, Issur, where you can stand on the volcano and watch the lava erupt. When night fell, red flames blasted into the starry sky, and the collision of red and black was like the fireworks released by God.

The Cook Islands is located in the South Pacific, between French Polynesia and Fiji, and consists of 15 islands. It is the Free United Nations of New Zealand. Rarotonga is home to the country's capital, Avarua, and is also a populous island. The Cook Islands has a well-developed tourism industry. It has a fascinating ocean scenery, which gives people a sense of simplicity, relaxation, kindness, and a distance from the hustle and bustle.

Tonga is located near the equator in the southwestern Pacific Ocean on the west side of the International Date Change Line and is one of the first countries in the world to begin a new day. Tonga consists of 172 islands of various sizes, including Tongatapu, Harpai, and Wau. It is 650 kilometers west of Fiji. Among them, Tongatapu is the largest island in the Tonga archipelago and the seat of Nuku'alofa, the capital of the Kingdom of Tonga. Tonga is a long-standing kingdom in the Pacific islands. It has many rare tropical flora and fauna, atolls and lagoons of various shapes, as well as volcanic lakes and Kao volcano, comparable to Mount Fuji in Japan.

Fiji is a pearl-like island in the South Pacific and is hailed as one of the "Top Ten Honeymoon Resorts in the World". These volcanic islands scattered in the blue ocean and surrounded by corals constitute a world-renowned resort and tourist paradise. Fiji is also the place to receive the first rays of sunlight in the world and the country with the highest global happiness index. In Fiji, it's easy to sigh "paradise is just that". The refreshing sea breeze blew the coconut palms soaring into the clouds, and the beach was surrounded by white sand. The colorful fish stirred the sea colorfully. The island of Fiji is often a place for banquets or honeymoons for Hollywood movie stars or celebrities.

Saipan is a world-famous diving destination. The blue sea cave is an “irresistible temptation to death” for senior divers. The sapphire blue waters and the elven marine life attract a large number of tourists to explore every day. The "glass sea" on the warship island is a paradise for snorkelers. Saipan's Bird Island is close to the equator and is a great place to watch the sunrise. Lovers love to come here before sunrise to watch the stars and then wait quietly for the sun to rise.

Tahiti is French Polynesia, consisting of 118 islands, including the Society Islands, Gambia Islands, and Marcuses Islands. Tahiti is the largest island in the French Polynesia. It is called the closest place to paradise. The island is rich in volcanoes, rivers, waterfalls and black sandy beaches. It is a rare outdoor experience. place. In the waters around Tahiti, you can see mermaids, blue whales, dolphins and many other schools. The water house is also a "must experience" project in Tahiti. Here you can go to sleep with the sound of the waves of the sea, jump directly from the road to the clear "natural aquarium", or enjoy a unique traditional canoe breakfast in the morning. Experience a fantastic life.

Palau is located near the equator and consists of a small barrier reef and a small island in the region. Palau was named the first wonder of the Seven Sea Bottoms and is famous for its underwater scenery. Here you can see the sea in seven colors, the world's most diverse corals, and the most colorful and abundant tropical fish. Palau also has the world's unique non-toxic jellyfish lake. Here visitors don't have to see jellyfish like they do elsewhere to avoid, dancing and taking pictures with thousands of jellyfish is the most unique experience in Palau. Palau's dry season is from November to April each year, and the climate is pleasant and most suitable for tourism.


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